iso 9001 sgs

A master of Certified Quality

For over twelve years the Master in “Production of paper / cardboard and management of the production system” trains specialists in the paper industry, representing a respected role in the international scene of the post-graduate courses in Europe.

The pride of those who work to improve the supply of job opportunities and training has always been identified in high percentage of student placement after the Masters. This is not a trivial matter. A milestone reached this year and that makes it all the more prestigious and noteworthy is the attainment by the Master of the ISO 9001 / ISO 9001: 2008. The certification, achieved in July, allows the master to stand in the international scene.

As explained by the director of the Master Prof. Marcello Braglia “We requested the quality certificate to be sure, even formal, that the process of formation in place responding to European standards. In this way we can carry forward the international partnership with other European universities “.

We just have to wish a good certificate year to all our students!

Quality certificate